December 30, 2008

A new year awaits!

When was the last time I posted a blog?? Gosh, it certainly felt like forever!

A few more minutes till 2008 ends. I thank God for all the things that I have gone through this year. Even the hard times that made me stronger and better. I've been in a lot of ups and downs this year and no matter how painful a certain memory can be, I can only look forward and take it as a stumble in my life. Why turn back when all you can do is move forward,right? It's the wrong things that makes us strong.

I sure do have a lot to be thankful for rather than the opposite of it. Ha-ha!

Here's a quick list of the things that happened this year that I find quite memorable in their own way.


Oh gosh, I cant really remember what happened along this month except for

- Left hangin' like a rope on a New Year's Day
Trip to Phuket, Thailand with my college friends and lecturers which included getting 'high' on booze and table top dancing. And who could ever forget the "Yeah you're like a bitch" incident that happened between me and Lia (made me not talk to her and it hurt a lot but all's good now ).
- A month full of guilt from breaking a guy's heart. ( I'm sorry )

Possibly my first gig without Mimsy by my side but was with Lia and Mia instead to support Wingman Yas and his band perform *Bunyi Volume 1 *
met Jiji & Yan & Liyanafnd
Met the one and only Bebot & Bambam in ASiS and I was with Mimsy and Mia that time. I even saw the guy that Mimsy was crazy about last year.!


The month I met Topeq & Shook. That duo really knows how to crack me up! It also happened to be Lia's 2nd gig with me by her side.
- Started workin' at SRWE with my Tita Elvs a week ( I guess ) before my birthday.
- Lia slept over for my birthday
- Met Sya :) who happens to be the cutest person I have ever met while I was working with SRWE and she brightens up my day with her 'Escapism' lol!


- The month I met Angel : In a bus ( u 66 ) from PJ to KL Sentral. The bus was packed of people and I just had the urge to talk to her. She was standing in front of me and I just started talking to her. I was on the way to a gig and she was on the way to meet up with her friends.
- Gigs & gigs ...
First ever photo shoot for a talent agency. what an experience. haha!


- Trip to Hong Kong/ Macau with my class . We 'strolled' in and out of the casinos in Macau, learned the stories behind Hong Kong's famous buildings and more walks!
- Angel saw me inside the bus but I did not notice her. She thought that my face looked familiar. I on the other hand, had only noticed her when I managed to take a seat. She was in front of me..holding an empty black board . We were both unsure that we have met before so I didn't really had the courage to talk to her. I got out of the bus and I walked with earphone on my ears, not really aware of my surrounding. I felt someone tap my shoulder ( I think that was she did) and when I looked to my right, I saw her and she quickly asked me, " You're Linda,right??"
My reaction was.." Oh yeah!! It's you!" and from there..we started talking and talking..exchanged numbers and the rest was history. (Sorry Babe, I forgot your name that day eheee..). It was effin cool to meet her again. Now that's what I call destiny!

July/ August

- Started working with the current company that I'm working with.
- Watched CHEER 08 @ Bukit Jalil with the one and only Bebot
-More gigs perhaps?? ha-ha..I can't remember.
- Dad had to go to Philly for almost a month to take care of my ill aunt.
- Met Bambam's friends during our lunch together : Epit & Khai
- Had sore eyes during my 2nd photo shoot and it had to be postponed due to my condition.
- Lost my favorite purple heels at KAMI the Gig in Ruums. It was also the venue where I met plenty of other people such as Alif & Adyb (who happens to be friends with Bebot) and some other girls.
- Met Karl a few weeks after KAMI the Gig in Ruums.
-Met Lia & Tira :)
- The aunt that my dad helped took care of passed away a day after my dad came back to Malaysia and I was still down with the terrible sore eyes *tsk tsk*

Tried fasting for one day during the Ramadhan month & I succeeded (never thought I could! )
- The first 'Buka Puasa' I had & it was with my colleagues & the following week (i guess) I spent it with Mimsy, Wan & Karl.

Got told off by dad for looking like an 'alcoholic betch' in front of his basketball players,where in reality, he was just actually irritated and discomforted with me and my sis hanging out with those guys.
Went to see Rainbow Died Yesterday's ( Raya The Gig ) performance for the first time (after months and months of being invited) : met Emi (in person),Sofea,Abby (who reminds me of Haniff), Ema (cool chic!) Amir & Fiq.
- KAMI The Concert :
Awesome & indescribably fun! The concert where I met Faiz, Meon & Jimmy (Angel's Buddies) .

- Celebrated Tita Lorna's birthday with a dinner and then headed to Holiday Villa and came home at 2 am with my drunk mom & dad .
learned to make beverages from Coffeeland.
- Gig Against Racism, KL Tower : Where I cried when I was pretending to be alright while I was dancing to the beats of The Times. It was the 2nd day after Karl broke up with me.
-MyHolidayCafe opened for business (Nov 19)

- hung out with Yaya (after months of not seeing him) & Mira (first time I met her)
- Had the most peaceful & joyous Christmas I have ever had after years of bickering & fights every time that season comes.
-MyHolidayCafe closed for business (Dec 26 ) due to unforeseen circumstances.
- Went to Couple's album launch & had a great time with Shook,Topeq,Angel,Bie & Afiq (the details are too personal to be shared here ) :P No dirty thoughts ok!
- Finally got to watch Yuna perform and when she sang 'Deeper Conversation', that was the moment where the time stopped and I finally heard the question whispered in my ear :)

There are actually a lot more of things that happened in 2008 but hey, I'm just human. I can't remember everything. What is certain though is that I thank God for everything that had happened and for the life that he has given me. To the friends that I have met and knew this year, to the memories that we all share, I thank you all for making my life joyful. Love you all!



December 22, 2008

I have been TAGGED!

Thx Mims! :P

Whats your name?
-If I told you, I'd have to kill you.. (pffttt!)

When is your birthday?
-28th April 1989

How do you feel right now?
-A bit bored, kinky,lethargic, worried and a bit high..(blame Shook!) aha

Whats the strangest thing you have done?
-A lot..i think ..

What did you do on your birthday last year?
-Had a pool party since it was my 18th and turning 18 (as a girl) is a big thing in the Filipino culture.

What about this year?
-Just had a lil 'family' dinner gathering which included my 2 best bitches ( love u )

How do you relax?
-Naps & err..sum

Whats your favorite book?
-How am i gonna answer this??

Who was the last person to text you?
-A vampire called Shook ha ha.. :P

What about call you?
- Err..does a miss-call from my dad count??

Who was your last ex?

Why did you split?
-I don't really know....but it wasn't me who decided to leave *sigh*

Have you ever been drunk?
- Drunk? not really..just been tipsy and a bit high lol

What did you wear last Halloween?
-no costumes whatsoever...

When did you last cry?

Are your parents still together?
-Yes they are..thank you,God!

Who did you last argue with?
-my sis cuz she couldn't find my ********

What time did you go to bed last night?
-2 am or was it 3??

Who is your best friend?
-Mimi & Lia Zahar .

Do you bite your nails?
-Nope but Mimsy does! ahaa

What about toe nails?

Whats your worst habits?
-the habit of doing things halfway or talking too much or.....

What are your hobbies?
-Chatting, making new friends, internet using, talking, biting ___,gigging, writing poems and a lot more things

Have you ever watched the sun set?
-Oh yes and this one time, I watched it set in the land of smiles aka Thailand

Where did last vacation to?
-Port Dickson perhaps..spent a night there

Whats your hair color?
-Naturally dark that from my dad's heritage LOL

What are you wearing?
-A white Giordano shirt and a green mini skirt

Do you wear makeup?
-Yeah..sometimes and wen i do it always consists of Eye-liner,lip gloss and eye shadows ..

Do you get hayfever?
-Nopeeee but I know a person that does hehe..

What music are you into?

Have you ever been out with your best friend’s ex?
-Guess so lol

Ever snuck out of your house?
-Oh's like i live in Guantanamo Bay

What did you do today?
-Woke up a few minutes before 12, packed things to bring to the bday party,took a bath, tried on clothes to wear,had lunch and went to the party, swam in the pool for hours,came home,watched Transformers while eating McD's new burger, texted (ehem..still texting) Shook, and now I'm doing this survey.

What are you doing tomorrow?
- Work.

Whats the last thing you ate?
- Big n' Tasty burger with fries and a filipino desert that we brought home from the party:)

Are you a forgiving person?
-Yea I do,but forgiving is not forgetting!

Are you mad at anyone right now?
-Mad at .........

Are you talking to anyone while doing this?
-yeah. I just got a reply from Shook

Ever had a garage sale?

What is/was your school like?
-Impicabbly bland and judgemental

Describe your best friend?
-Friendly,shy ,caring,lovable,wife-material (LOL!), open-minded, loyal , likes to smile, more of a giver than a reciever (no dirty thoughts plis! ) , the serious one between the both of us, deffinitely kissable & huggable!

Do you like your partner’s family?
- errr...i haven't met them

When did you last smile and why?
- a while ago because....

Have you ever cheated in a test?
-Oh well, yeah..but not that much..who hasn't??

Are you scared of falling in love?
-Sorta cuz I'm scared of getting hurt but then again..maybe I'm not that scared of it ..

Have you ever felt replaced?
-Yeah, at times and i hate that feeling!

Do you trust your friends?
-The ones that are close to me

Do you like coffee?
- Sorta..i like mochaccino & latte

Have you had kids?

If not, do you want them?
-Yeaahh!! I wanttttttttt to be a mommy!

Are you brainy?
-ask my friends

What was the last film you watched?
-On telly was Transformers (although I've seen it a couple of times before and once in the cinema ) . And,at the cinema was Twilight.

Whats the time?
-1.33 am

How old are you going to be in 7 months?
-Wow! 20 years old and 3 months..

Was yesterday better then today?
-both days have their pros n cons but I guess today was better.

When did you last see your mum?
-Before she went to their room to sleep

Your dad?
-when he came home from the lab

Do you smile often?
-Well, in my line of duty.. I hafta! LOl but I like to smile eheh

Do you collect anything?
- Someone once told me that I collect from the bf's that I've had before lol but act, I don't really collect things.. I just love collecting memmories :D

Can you remember your dreams?

Do they come true?
-I think some of them does and I becomes a i think!

Who would you kill right now if you could?
-No one in particular

Where were you 4 hours ago?
-in the livin room..watching tv

What song describes your life right now?
- One step at a time by Jordin Sparks..i think

Whats your biggest regret?
-Can't tell!

Whats your body type?
-Petite and a bit fluffy

Do you have any scars?
-Yeaaa and i dispise scars!

What from?
-chicken pox scars on my face

What pets do you have?
2 fishies and a bird named Anna

Where do you get your music from?
-Limewire baby!

Your most recent lie:
- no idea

A lie you tell yourself:
-next question please!

You are embarrassed when you:
- I do really retarded things and a bunch of other stuff that i can't seem get out of my head

The memory that still makes you laugh:
- A lot but just like Mimsy said, "Back in form 4, cried because i saw Lyndz crying. Haha can’t ever forget that!"

How you picture the end of the world:
-rather not!

If reincarnation does exist, you would like to come back as :
myself but maybe I'd like to try to live the life of someone famous just to know if things would be reallllyyy different :)

7 people you would like to see to take this:
- Lia Zahar

- Leya
- I said anyone..who wants to!


December 14, 2008

Harsh Confessions of A Morosed Daughter

What the fuck do you really want from me?? Would you rather see me lie to you rather than tell you the truth?? I am not giving excuses but I'm actually giving you explanations . You always jump to conclusions and judge people by what you think they are instead of really listening. You think you are always right and you seem to be really full of masochism and ego. You think that we like to waste your time but in reality, your the only one stopping yourself from doing everything that you wanted. You whine, you nag, you complain that we don't care about your time but in the real world, Bie and I always plan the timing so that it will suit your so called schedule.

If you think we're a waste of your time,then why bother?? We're not even kids anymore! Wake up will you! I understand that you do all of this because you are after all a parent but you really really come off as someone who likes to hover!

Why ground us for coming home late when it wasn't the first time we came home late? At least we know how to go home,unlike some kids out there. You should understand that not everything goes your way, 'your highness'..pfftt!

Call me whatever it is that you wanna call me. Mock me! Judge me! I despise talking to you. You only know how to talk but you never listen. If you think I believe every single word you say, you are very VERY wrong. I've stop believing you since you acted weird (what's up with the discreet phone calls,betch??!)

You don't even know me well and you think you do! Full of bull! You even wrongly accused my own sister for something that she didn't do?? Fyi, I know her more than you do so I actually know what I'm talking about. All I want is to be listened to instead of this shit. I don't fancy dictatorship and yet you wonder why we can't stay put in the house? Hell, I learn more things outside than just staying at home. I'm not like mom. I am 19!!!! 19,damn it!!

I demand wait..WE demand respect! Listen when we talk and put some sense in your head. Deliberate instead of rejecting every single thing that we tell you. Unless you prefer us lying about where we want to go and what we do then fine!!

I know you do things for us and I appreciate that. You've done a lot of sacrifices for us but please understand that we're growing up. We need time for ourselves , with friends and we do know the boundaries in socializing. Keep this in you head at all times.. " I don't aspire to be the next socialite or the next Paris Hilton !!"
Ko cakap skit asal ko ckp kami social gila??
Do we party all night long and every single night of the week? NO.
Do we go out every night after work?? NO!

This is all just normal..give us a break will you?

Besides,all I do every single week is :

Work (Mon- Fri from 11 to 9pm ) - Go home . OR
Work (11-3 0n Saturdays ) - hang out somewhere / gigs (subject to your approval)
Go to church - lunch (family quality time) and hang out somewhere with the other Pinoys or out with my friends (subject to your approval /weekend plans)

What's so bad about that??

And most probably, my boss will change our operations from 11.30 till 9 every day except on Sunday (off-day)..great!!pffft!! Is this what you want?? I bet you'd feel happy cuz then I would have no time with my friends . You have always been dysfunctional when it comes to my friends. Fyi, they are the best I've ever had and without them I wouldn't have the strength to face the day especially when it comes to dealing with you . I don't even feel like going home most of the time cuz I know we will only butt heads and squabble . Why do I even bother??! Talking about this just makes me lose my appetite to do everything. One thing is for sure, I don't wanna talk to you.

Yeah I may sound bitchy and bratty but then, I have the right to talk trash about every once in a while.


December 1, 2008


Yes, i watched Twilight last Sunday and I watched it with 3 of my best girls - Mimsy , June & Bie (biological sister) .

I don't give a crap about what you might think but I am truly in love with that movie . It kept me on my seat from the beginning till the last scene of the movie. I even held my intentions of going to the ladies' just so I won't miss any scenes (even though the cutting of some scenes made me pissed off ) . I like the plot and the way the book was interpreted and kudos to whoever is responsible for putting those gorgeous characters in the movie . Like for instance, Jacob really reminds me of a Calvin Klein underwear model and he is just effin sexy. Even Carlisle is kinda sexy! Oh la la,that movie is a total turn on! haha

And oh, the sexual tension & attraction between Bella and Edward is effin hot. Whenever they look at each other,they just make me wanna grab and kiss the nearest person with me but I couldn't cause they are my besties. LOL!

What got me the most though was the love that Edward has for Bella and vice -versa. Their love for each other made me feel all mushy inside (euurgghh!) although I hate feelin all mushy and stuff.
I wish someday, I can have my very own Edward Cullen (minus the freaky shits ) ....
*In your dreams, beeyatch!* No one is perfect.

I can't wait for the next movie!!

Oh well, enough blabbering! I'm off to bed now. My eyes are all teary and I've been constantly yawning for the past 15 minutes. Till next time.