February 16, 2009

Random 2

I think I'm in my PMS cycle. I seem to be easily ticked off lately and it bothers me. I prefer being in a good mood but this irrelevant anger inside me just won't give up easily. Blame the hormones!

Today was like any other day. I was late to work though due to the inevitably slow traffic movements and my own bad timing. Work was alright but I wished that the contract rates from Philly & Indonesia would be pouring in cause that would've really really made my day. It wouldn't be a waste then sending them countless emails! I had my fair share of Double Cheese burger thanks to McD's latest marketing strategy for lunch with Kak Liza. She had her dose of Fillet - O- Fish though.Going home from work was even better! He came down to see me even if it was for a while. It was definitely worth it. I didn't mind waiting for him for a few minutes outisde the office. I was lucky that my 'big bro' was there to stand with me.

We went over to the pharmacy to buy my hair conditioner and my Garnier ( can't leave without em). It gave me a reason to just spend my time with him. God knows how it makes me feel inside. And he looked uber lush with that shirt that he wore. Oh,he really knows what I wanted to see ;)

So we walked from the pharmacy to the walkway along Jalan Bulan..walked past The Federal and took the shortcut to Imbi Plaza. The journey to the LRT station was filled with our constant talking and exchanged laughs as we always do. We talked a bit before I went inside the station and one guard just had to ruin the 2nd hug that he gave me. He even blew his whistle to startle us. Infidel! What's wrong with a hug? Others can just suck the life out of their lover's faces and out of all the people,why me? Why us? It was more of like a lighter deja vu of what happened 2 years ago in a shoe shop in Times Square. That incident was even more humiliating than what happened today. That bitter old brute was just a total KJ! Screw him with a drill!

Then again, no matter what happened..it was him that mattered the most. I'm glad I could give him the card that I meant to give 2 days ago and getting the reaction I wanted was precisely the cherry on top.

Anyways, it's midnight now and I really need my rest. Till next time.


February 9, 2009

I Miss


I officially met her on the second day of Chinese New Year. I had to watch Anjung Guesthouse and fill in for Florence who was on leave. I have seen her a couple of times the day before but we didn't converse. It only happened on that day when she approached me on the reception table and asked me about calling the airport to make sure that her flight to Melbourne the next day wont be delayed . At first I thought she was going to check out lol! Right. so I gave her the contact numbers but she couldn't call em for some reason. I offered to call the airport for her . Right after I hung -up and told her the details. I started to open up a conversation with her and since then, we couldn't stop talking. I got hungry and it was way past my lunch but I decided to call McD and well the rest is history. That evening, after Rish took over the shift, I went out with her and hung out at Pizza Hut . We had a blast with just talking and laughing our ass off. It always made me laugh whenever she tells me something like " your the most normal person I met here" lol sorta like that..Though it might not be the exact words that she used but hey,it's sufficient. The next day, she came by to see me before she left for Melbourne and we had lunch together in KFC. I so can't believe that the short length of time together made me felt like we knew each other longer.. I am so glad to have met her and I definitely had fun hanging out with her. I wonder when will I get to see her again. Though I'd wanna visit her someday in Edin .

Mary.. I miss you loads! :(


The last time I saw her was before she left my house after coming back from our day out in Sunway Lagoon. We drove there and met up with her beau and his friends about an hour later. It was generally a great day but I'm a total KJ (kill-joy) when it comes to those amusement park rides and unfortunately (out of sheer selfishness that i myself did not realize) I kind of ruined my bestie's time with her beau with my emo moments. I admit, I was a total dimwit for letting my emotions control the moment but it was just unbearable at that time. The thought of having him there with me overpowered the promise that I made with him. For those accounts, I apologized to my bestie. The highlight of our day was getting minor bruises and wounds from sliding on the kiddie slide (way to go ,Lyndz! ) . I admit that what we did was stupid but at least it was fun and I kept my promise to have fun. I'm counting on the day that my girl and I will see each other again. Seeing her laugh at me and my (sometimes) stupid jokes just makes me feel at ease. Oh and the day before we went to Sunway, we went to get our hair cut together . Her fringe was not really the way she wanted but I think she still looks lovely :) . Need not worry love, it will grow soon! *wink*


She was here last month for her leave.It was great cuz we got to spend more time together. Went to a gig and I knew she had a blast. Then again, no thanks to me, she was mistaken for a lesbian by Ga's friend. It was all because I was 'canoodling' a lot with her and there was too much physical thing goin on between the two of us .But honestly, we're so used to those behaviour with each other and well perhaps people who did not know us well would really think that either one or both perhaps of us were lesbians. Anyways,we had a lil' reunion in Pavillion with our college mates and had lunch in TGI Fridays the next day! The food was awesome and as usual, I was the source of entertainment ! haha.. Right after the girls went off their separate ways, Lia,my sister and Ga decided to watch a movie but we had no idea about what movie to watch. To our surprise, we acquired 3 Free tickets to watch IP Man from 3 teens who decided to bail out cause they had to hurry home. We had to buy another ticket though for my sis . Right after the movie was over, we walked around the mall and signed up for this free pic thingy and they printed 4 copies for each of us for free. It was one of the greatest weekends so far.

There are a bunch of other people that I miss too but I don't have enough time to write all of it down so here is my Miss List :

Ga (IMY 24/7! )
other close friends not mentioned above
family friends

I should stop for now. It's almost 1 am and I still have to work later.

Till next time!