April 1, 2010

So little time..

I can't just randomly blurt out things cause I'm not the type of person who'd just write and not look back on what i have written but here goes..!! 

Random Note 1: I'm tryna link my FB to my Twitter which has been linked to my MS. (talk about connection). But the internet is slow tonight ,all thanks to the rain....=.="

Note 2 : I miss baybee sooooooo much!!

Random Note 3 : I've been sneezing a lot lately and I feel feverish at times..

Random Note 4 : I'm getting more anxious about baybee's exam!

Random Note 5 : I'm uncertain about what to do this Saturday

Random Note 6 : I'm still trying to figure out why men want to be women and women want to be men.

Random Note 7 : I wanna go on a vacation sooo badly!!

Random Note 8 : A hefty amount of files to double check and make payments for.

Random Note 9 : I'm po'ed that my salary isn't out yet

Random Note 10 : I want D & G NO. 3 so badly!!!!!!

Random Note 11 : McDo's coffee is addictive...

Random Note 12 : I don't know why I have a love-hate relationship with my career/work!

Random Note 13 : I think my biological clock has already started ticking quite vigorously.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I need some sleep although I still have a lot to say..