April 3, 2008

Crappy happy??

The fuck is wrong with me?
It has been almost a month since I last saw that particular face. I've waited and waited for him to add me in his Myspace but it never happened. Met him in a gig in some school. I wasn't paying attention to him at first but somehow he took my attention by talking to me while bands we're performing up on the stage.. I feel bad cuz..all this while..well,wait..most of the time (sounds better) he keeps poppin in and outa ma head fo sum reason (and oh he reminds me of that guy from a filipino soap opera called Kay Tagal..Alwyn sumthin..hohoooohoo) eventho I'm kinda goin out with someone atm..
Wonder why?? Oh and right now..im sooo moody and i have no idea why..and no it's not PMS..damn!