December 14, 2008

Harsh Confessions of A Morosed Daughter

What the fuck do you really want from me?? Would you rather see me lie to you rather than tell you the truth?? I am not giving excuses but I'm actually giving you explanations . You always jump to conclusions and judge people by what you think they are instead of really listening. You think you are always right and you seem to be really full of masochism and ego. You think that we like to waste your time but in reality, your the only one stopping yourself from doing everything that you wanted. You whine, you nag, you complain that we don't care about your time but in the real world, Bie and I always plan the timing so that it will suit your so called schedule.

If you think we're a waste of your time,then why bother?? We're not even kids anymore! Wake up will you! I understand that you do all of this because you are after all a parent but you really really come off as someone who likes to hover!

Why ground us for coming home late when it wasn't the first time we came home late? At least we know how to go home,unlike some kids out there. You should understand that not everything goes your way, 'your highness'..pfftt!

Call me whatever it is that you wanna call me. Mock me! Judge me! I despise talking to you. You only know how to talk but you never listen. If you think I believe every single word you say, you are very VERY wrong. I've stop believing you since you acted weird (what's up with the discreet phone calls,betch??!)

You don't even know me well and you think you do! Full of bull! You even wrongly accused my own sister for something that she didn't do?? Fyi, I know her more than you do so I actually know what I'm talking about. All I want is to be listened to instead of this shit. I don't fancy dictatorship and yet you wonder why we can't stay put in the house? Hell, I learn more things outside than just staying at home. I'm not like mom. I am 19!!!! 19,damn it!!

I demand wait..WE demand respect! Listen when we talk and put some sense in your head. Deliberate instead of rejecting every single thing that we tell you. Unless you prefer us lying about where we want to go and what we do then fine!!

I know you do things for us and I appreciate that. You've done a lot of sacrifices for us but please understand that we're growing up. We need time for ourselves , with friends and we do know the boundaries in socializing. Keep this in you head at all times.. " I don't aspire to be the next socialite or the next Paris Hilton !!"
Ko cakap skit asal ko ckp kami social gila??
Do we party all night long and every single night of the week? NO.
Do we go out every night after work?? NO!

This is all just normal..give us a break will you?

Besides,all I do every single week is :

Work (Mon- Fri from 11 to 9pm ) - Go home . OR
Work (11-3 0n Saturdays ) - hang out somewhere / gigs (subject to your approval)
Go to church - lunch (family quality time) and hang out somewhere with the other Pinoys or out with my friends (subject to your approval /weekend plans)

What's so bad about that??

And most probably, my boss will change our operations from 11.30 till 9 every day except on Sunday (off-day)..great!!pffft!! Is this what you want?? I bet you'd feel happy cuz then I would have no time with my friends . You have always been dysfunctional when it comes to my friends. Fyi, they are the best I've ever had and without them I wouldn't have the strength to face the day especially when it comes to dealing with you . I don't even feel like going home most of the time cuz I know we will only butt heads and squabble . Why do I even bother??! Talking about this just makes me lose my appetite to do everything. One thing is for sure, I don't wanna talk to you.

Yeah I may sound bitchy and bratty but then, I have the right to talk trash about every once in a while.


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