December 1, 2008


Yes, i watched Twilight last Sunday and I watched it with 3 of my best girls - Mimsy , June & Bie (biological sister) .

I don't give a crap about what you might think but I am truly in love with that movie . It kept me on my seat from the beginning till the last scene of the movie. I even held my intentions of going to the ladies' just so I won't miss any scenes (even though the cutting of some scenes made me pissed off ) . I like the plot and the way the book was interpreted and kudos to whoever is responsible for putting those gorgeous characters in the movie . Like for instance, Jacob really reminds me of a Calvin Klein underwear model and he is just effin sexy. Even Carlisle is kinda sexy! Oh la la,that movie is a total turn on! haha

And oh, the sexual tension & attraction between Bella and Edward is effin hot. Whenever they look at each other,they just make me wanna grab and kiss the nearest person with me but I couldn't cause they are my besties. LOL!

What got me the most though was the love that Edward has for Bella and vice -versa. Their love for each other made me feel all mushy inside (euurgghh!) although I hate feelin all mushy and stuff.
I wish someday, I can have my very own Edward Cullen (minus the freaky shits ) ....
*In your dreams, beeyatch!* No one is perfect.

I can't wait for the next movie!!

Oh well, enough blabbering! I'm off to bed now. My eyes are all teary and I've been constantly yawning for the past 15 minutes. Till next time.


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