June 19, 2011

Food for thought - If you're not following my tumblr, this is for you.

A question that i’ve been asking myself lately. i couldn’t understand the logic of this although my beloved Girlfriend has explained it to me and even I knew the readon why. But then again, is it really because you’ve become so comfortable with that person or is it because after all those years or in some cases,months together ,you start to lose interest in themand progressively taking them for granted. What you used to love about them might be the reason of your own fury or irritation now. Perhaps you have evn considerred about flying solo or even wished that you were single when a new interesting person barges into your life. Words like ‘idiot’,’moron’ or any other demeaning words accompany your other half’s description. The slightest mistakes can even trigger a tsunami.
Now, you start to wonder whether you really love your partner or is your guilt the glue that holds everything in place? That guilt of being with them for a long time and that you’ve gone through heaps of ordeals to just throw it down the drain. Yep, you are officially confused and you look around you for solutions to get rid of that weary feeling.
Why don’t you look back for the answer? Try to remember what made you fall for them. Analize it in the sense that your mind can comprehend and to the extent where you realize your feelings for that person. Think positively about the obstacles you’ve overcome together as a team and don’t forget the great achievements that came your way. Dispense the negative and immerse yourself with positivity. Don’t forget to expresd to your other half how much they have changed you for the better and how much you’ve gained in life since the day you became a couple.
Don’t ever, I repeat,don’t ever take any small things for granted. If minor problems arise,rectify. Just communicate. Appreciate the little things that they have done for you. If you are displeased about something,let them know. Don’t keep in you heart and make it the reason why you grew apart a.k.a the break up alibi.
“Mi amore vo le fe” ,as the Italians say it. Contrary to what the phrase defines, love does not stand or exist with trust or faith alone. It must consist of Communication, Patience and Perserverance. Just like how it is for students or the working world. Nothing comes easy. Put extra effort and never ever ever stop trying. Once you stop,there is no turning back.
I am not perfect, i must say but I would always try to incorporate the things that I learn in my own love life. As the words of my former boss, “life is our university. We never stop learning as we learn new things day by day”. If you really love someone, be ready to accept them with flaws and all. Make them feel like the imperfect perfection in your life. You are blessed with the power to enlighten somebody’s life. So, use it well.
Remember, it’s not about how you want them to be,it’s about embracing who they are and what you feel for them.