January 20, 2011

my photoblog

photoblog here!



Ok, first of all, why is it quite a taboo when people converse about lewd things in public? I'm just curious why people overreact when they hear something perverted come out of my mouth when I think it's just funny. Dirty jokes are the best,ever!! And yes I like dicks and tits! Yeay me! Sex and rock and roll!

Anthony's boner!


otmyCupofTea : Beatburns & Beforeafters EP Launching @ BlackBox

I need a new hair style!

Must Try!

1) Go to google translate 2) Translate “will justin bieber ever hit puberty” from English to Vietnamese 3) Copy the Vietnamese translation and translate it back into English.
Now,your question is answered!


I've missed a lot of TV shows since I don't have any satellite tv in my Place in Sunway..darn it :( I wanna watch Live To Dance ! I wanna watch Glee 2! I wanna watch movies in HBO like I used to! I wanna watch American Idol! *sob sob*