November 9, 2008



Last night was a blast! We had dinner at Crocodile Farm Seafood Restaurant with the mob (lol) and then headed to Holliday Villa after sending the under age kids home. We extended the celebrations there. The food at the restaurant was lovely and I had a glass of wine as a starter . To top it all off, the birthday cake was devine since it was from Secret Recipe (my fave!). My sister told me that the wine tasted like vinegar but I just laughed. With a lot of things going through my mind, I just tried to set it all aside and focus on havin fun. And I did have fun..too much of it!

Ok so we arrived in Holliday Villa around 11.30-ish and came home at 2 in the morning. Finally! After more than a month of not having excessive alcohol in my system! I got to drink and I drank more than what I usually do. Mom was tipsy and dad was too but not as tipsy as she was. Oh and the dance floor was ours haha!! Damn, the last time I did summin like that was a year ago..that long! LMAO! There were times when I got tipsy and almost felt like throwing up but it went away after a few minutes. I like dancin with Tito Jo & Tita Lani. Dancin' with my sister is fun too because we couldn't care much about what people think. On the way home my sis and I slept the whole time we were in the car. I opened my eyes and we were already reached our destination.

I'd love to elaborate more about that night but I'm to sleepy and tired. And well, you can't express things are beyond words. To sum it all up, I had fun!

Goodnight. Till next time.

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mohnorashraf said...

hehe..i ske la bace ur post..complete jew..:p
get drunk,cake,dance~~~bestt..huhu.sape nye bday sape u?