October 15, 2008


Here I am,in front of the computer,missing a bunch of people and thinking about them.

1. Karl = I miss us. I miss being around you,beside you,near you. You really do light up my life.

2. Mimi = I miss bitching around with you. I miss looking at your gorgeous smile and your infectious laugh. I miss talking to you and yeah phone conversations are never enough!

3. Aliah = If only u knew how different I feel without you here. You're so far away that it scares me to even think of losing you. I miss our 'dates' and I miss holding your hand while we pretend to be gay.

4. Bebot = Never will I forget you,ever! I miss talking to you too. Where have you been? Whatever it is, I will always be here for you. Just reach out.

1 comment:

lia said...

dun worry!!
u'll never gonna lose me k..
so chill..
i know its hard for us to see each other..
but at least we still keep in touch..
n i fucking miss n love u!!
take good care of urself..