October 23, 2008

All because of myspace

This is beginning to annoy me! Every single week since ntah bila, we became more apart from each other. You might think I'm happy but the fact is, im not. You might think I don't give a shit about what you do but you are damn wrong! How can I be happy when you are so far away from me and the only thing that helps us communicate is unbearably fucked up ?
You don't know how I feel when your not here. Just because I look and seem happy it doesn't mean I am happy. I worry and think about you every single minute of the day yet you think that I don't?

I thought you trusted me? I thought you loved me? Now it's like you don't even want to talk to me. Where did I go wrong? Tell me. Talk to me cause you're not the only one hurt!

Every time you do this, I feel hurt inside. It's just like a mirror that broke into pieces. Think about it. All I did was love you. Didn't mean to dishonor you or mistreat you. I couldn't do that because I love you. Still wish you feel the same way too. Don't wanna lose you but I felt you drift apart and it makes me sad just thinking about it. Why? Did it all go down the drain? Am i not important anymore? Gosh!

Whatever happened to 'Karlinzky' ?

1 comment:

lia said...

k hun..
start talking!!
wat happen??
u know u cn come to me when something like dis happen rite??