October 12, 2008


What ever happened to the my clique during my senior years in high school? A part of me still miss them but they don't seem to care anymore if we still keep in touch or not. It makes me sad to think that I miss them but they seem to have forgotten all the craziness and fun that we have all done together. Well, that's what I think. Come on! How on earth will you know if they do think of you as much as you think about them? Well..unless they tell you that they do! Durh!

Yeah sure we all have our own lives now. I can't even keep up with the who,where,and what in their lives. Oh well..no harm done anyways. We'll just catch up with each other when we meet. I'm happy if their happy and so far I'm happy with my life. I just want them to know that even though years have passed, I still do cherish everything we have done together. Still miss them and think about them..like right now..

Another thing that I noticed..lately..or since last year (i think).. I realized that I gain more guy friends than girl friends..what's different about hanging out with guys and being friends with them is that they are the least to betray you or back stab you. But nothing beats girl besties! They are the best you can ever have or ask for!

Mimi, Lia, Lexa,June,Angel : Love you!!!

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