September 27, 2008

A Note to Lia

You definitely know how much I miss you. I tell you that every time we talk on the phone and whenever we chat online but today, I missed you more than ever. Knowing that you are much further away than where you normally are, I couldn't help but think about how you're doing. IS it too cold there? Are people nice with you? Yes I know you are strong and you are very capable of taking care of yourself but it's just different when we're together.

I can't believe how things change so quickly and how time flies. First time we met, you were really quiet but you gave me a warm smile and an approachable look. The closer we were, the more inseparable we became. A year has passed since we met and never have I regret meeting someone like you.Oh,babe I'm counting on the day that I will see you again!

We have been through a lot of things together and girl, you sure know how to react when I put on my long face especially when I'm starving! I admit,there are times when I'd rather shout at you or ignore you whenever I get cranky but I know that you understand and I thank you for that. It's a normal thing that friends go through anyways! Just the thought of what we've done together brings a smile to my face. Having you by my side during our trips helped me feel more comfortable and at the same time more energetic cause I know that we're always on the same page! Penang & Langkawi was great! Thailand was crazy as shit fun even though we did have a minor argument (made me not talk to you on the way home). And Macau/Hong Kong was memorable!

I miss doing all those crazy things with you. I will never forget :

  • The night I got drunk in Langkawi, I stepped on your foot by accident while I was crawling on the bed. Laughed my way to sleep.
  • The lunch we had at that secluded japanese restaurant in Penang (and we thought they were closed!) It was worth the money!
  • Snorkelling in Phi-phi (you taught me how to snorkel the right way)
  • Bus Rides everywhere we go that are always full of something!
  • the times when you held my hand and comforted me when we were on board, to and from Macau ( i'm sorry for all the gagging)
  • the times we came inside the class late after lunch break (definitely my fault!)
  • sleep-overs at your crib
  • our first gig together

I want you to know that even if we're millions of miles away from each other, you are never forgotten. Take care always wherever the plane takes you. I'm proud of you and what you have achieved so far. You have really grown,far more better than the Lia I met a year ago. Love you always,my bitch,my twin,my lover,my best friend!

1 comment:

lia said...

i feel so touched!!!
i almost cried!!
but i mostly laugh remembering da times we had together.
it was hella fun!!
how i wish i could reverse time so we could go it all over again..
u r da 1 who influence me da most.
because of u, i'm different!
i'm not as shy or close-minded as i was before..
u open-up my eyes to da world..
n for that, i thank u.
i really appreciate all da things u thought me.
da adivice..da comfort u gave me whenever i'm feeling down.
i really miss u hun!!
n u do know that i love u.
i will never, ever forget our friendship, da bond that we're having rite now.

Thank you so much Maruxa Linda Lomoljo..
my babe, my bitch, my whore, my lover, my bestie..