March 11, 2008

Un-biological Sister


I just browsed through all my old comments...and i saw all the comment we sent each other aaages ago. Reading through all of those and looking at the pics and icons that come with the comments made me miss her more..I miss doing those stupid things that we can't help but do wenever we are effin bored..i even saw the pic where we were both lying on the floor..lookin wasted..and my pics that she sent through Myspace...
Oh and our video..
thinking about what we've been through made me realize that our relationship is more than a friendship but also a sisterhood..a way of living..and can sometimes be described as 'lesbianism' [lol on that]

Through her..because of world became a better place..and I wouldn't be Lyndz if it wasn't for her. It's funny how the time heals everything. Get this, I used to dislike her and was jealous of her back when we we're in Form 3 because back then she was close with my 'object of attention/bestie'. A year later..We were in the same class. And that's when my whole world became greater. We endeavored heaps of bittersweet situations together.
Oh i still remember, when I had a fight with one of our mates just for the sake of defending my other homegirl, Shed that made the three of us cry. was sheer anger that made me cry. I was shouting and I almost pulled out a chair and the next thing I kno..I was crying..then Shed cried..and then She approached me and cried by my side. That same day this lame as teacher caught all of us not wearing our uniforms. Shed and i got sent to the counselor's office together with the girl's that we had a fight with. She was left behind with my other friend in the classroom only to find themselves the victim of our principal's wingwoman [lol] who happens to have no clue watsoever about how to use phone cameras [she used it to take their pix].

Back to what i really have in mind! I appreciate everything that she has done for me and cherish everything that we've done together..All those misunderstandings and lil quarrels are just challenges to see how far our friendship can withstand everything. When the world turned their backs on her,i was there and i would like to be there again if ever...

Time passed by and now we're both in different colleges. New life,new cliques and set of friends etc. And she's somewhere quite far away from home [and me].
Even though we don't get to spend almost everyday of our lives together like back in high school,and we don't always get the chance to talk to each other,it's alright. I understand her and I know that even though we're miles apart, my thoughts about her is not. Only God knows how much i love her , miss her and how much she means in the world to me. I don't know how I'd be if i lost her.
She is my greatest SCANDAL
She is my Ho
She is my Boo
She is my BESTFRIEND,Mimi.

Mimi once said : " Valentines Day for Miss Mimi and Miss Lyndz means... Girl's Only and No Testicles Day"

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