March 11, 2008

From my myspace to my blogger

It's 10.28pm..I just finished watching GoodLuck Chuck in my Pc [well i actually share it with my sis].I totes dig that movie for the rite reasons..I mean not because there are plenty of err..tits and 'movie' sex but because of the message that got through me. Well, isn't it clear? "if you love something,set them free". True. BUT! Don't take it literally..Cause like our parents or sum old folk would say, "God has a way of bringing two people together."

Speaking of that so called 'famous' phrase..When will I get to really love again?? I'm just sick of all those 'spring flings'. I'm not saying this because I'm desperate for a boy friend [ok?!] but becuz think..[w8!! I'm gonna say this in my native linggo] goes..Dahil may dahilan na ako kung bakit ayaw ko ng makipag-fling. Ayoko ng iba dahil cya lang ang gusto ko[ows!] I was never lonely until..

Well anyways, i had quite a long day..and longer days awaits me.. My trial exams :
1.This Friday-just 80 Fucking questions tho-

2. The real exam will be on the 15th of March [which is just around the fucking corner]

Today..after doing revissions, Aliah and I went for lunch and hung out in Times
Yesterday,I went to IT'S A GIG DUDE! and stayed there till COUPLE finished performin.. it was a blast and altho sumtimes i felt lonely..all and was a great day..I got to see my ho [love u loads yaw]..and met new friends.. at ang hilite ng buong araw ko?? Cyempre dahil nakita at nakasama ko cya hehehehe... I waited for the train for almost an hour and I arrived home around 12 midnight..Good thing my parents were in a good mood or else i'd be grounded by now..huhuhuuuu..
Fuckkk..I got heaps of other things to do..daymnnnn.. Till next time then..

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