March 11, 2008


I guess the sceptics were right about that four letter word that everybody experiences- LOVE. I ain't talking about the love of a parent to the child or the love you get from's the type of love that gets u trippin,stumbling, tumbling (yeah,u guessed it...Fergie's song called "Clumsy"). All of those shit happens when ur in love with someone..first few weeks can seem like a movie or a fairy tale for some people but beyond that point can be like an emotional blackmail or like a never ending roller coaster ride (unless u call it quits).

For some freakin reason, i feel like i have been cursed by summin or someone. So far, I have never been with someone for more than 6 months. I've been in 8 relationships and not evn one of them survived 6 mths. It always ends with me getting dumped or me dumping someone.

When i thought that things would go well, i stand corrected. I don't understand why I end up being a sucker. A sucker for that four letter word that I find hard to type at the mo. I thought it was different but it turned out to be quite similar with what i had gone through in the past. Eventhough there were times where i felt like quiting or feelings for him made me hold on to it. Ignoring all those voices in my head that kept telling me to leave. All those moments i spent with him meant a lot to me but now everything is just a memmory that will stay in my head.... Leaving me and my heart badly bruised and broken (again). it just wasn't meant to be. To some it might have looked too good to be true and i guess they were right.

And because what i feel for that someone is true, i just did the only thing that made him happy although it s not easy to do..I just LET GO.

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