March 24, 2010

Videos of The Week

Ahmad Syukri

Compiling those pics into one video was quite a task because my movie maker application kept hanging almost every half an hour. Saving my work was as painful as creating it all thanks to that faulty program. Even though I went thorough all of that, I was happy with the results. I remember , there was this one time where I was almost done making the video,I played all of it and I couldn't stop myself from tearing up. I felt so warm and touched with what I did that no words can express how much I loved it . 

And based on the comments posted by my friends,
seems like they loved it and thought it was sweet.
I'm not really sure though if baybee liked it as much as my friends did.
Either it's just me or does it seem like the response I received was not 
 what I had in mind. Think positively Lynd!I bet he loves it but he just can't show 
you now how much he does..right?
Entah. Let's just leave it that way. I'm in my roti kosong mode 
anyways. I'm not really sure why but that just how I feel.
I am not gonna blame my period cause I want to stop believing on the fact/ideology
that "PMS" related tantrums and blow offs are the root of every she-devil in a woman.
I'm just trying to be as positive as I can. I'm tired of always thinking too much yet I still think too much. What the hell? Right!
Moving on to the next topic....


Can't wait to watch this!! 
Though,I'm not done reading it! haha
I've always been on the same team with Edward even though there were times where I did root for Jake.Haha..Twimuch!!!

Nicki Minaj

I've been crushing on Nicki Minaj ever since I heard her on Lil Wayne's song. She's everywhere! Check out her rapping (and boobs)! Those dimples are my fave!
Keep on the attitude sista!
Well I'ma hafta bounce now cuz I need to do some shit.


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