March 19, 2010


It's been almost a week since MPG and yet I could still feel like it happened yesterday. Haha! Fun things lasts longer! But memorable ones are even greater.
It was quite a hectic week and this week has been somewhat disorganized and quite melodramatic. Things at the office lately are quite frantic with Genting's behavior of not having any more room allotments for our side. Only the travel industry people would really comprehend this long term due problem. It's really disappointing especially if you're tryna get a booking done and all you get as response is "none" or less cooperation from the other end (which in this case are my agents in India). "All I want is their passport details ,dude!!! How else do you expect me to get you the rooms if our allotments are fully utilized?!" Even though my work is somewhat head-cracking (especially if there are hard-to-please-clients on board) and quite repetitive and not forgetting almost 24/7, I still like it and I wouldn't have it any other way. Hard things make it easier to digest even harder hurdles in life. Working life to be exact. Oh well, it's life!!

I have my baybee to thank for . He always lifts me up when work gets me down. Even though I know that he despises the fact that I work there but still,he has my back. Supporting me morally when I need it the most. Tomorrow is yet another challenging day as I await for my agent's decission on a file where I have made quite a major mistake on.
God,help me.

By the way, just a simple reminder to those people who are blind sided or just metaphorically blinded by something:

Can you please sedar that kalau kau cakap kau baik,sebenarnya,U ARE NOT! Kalau kau kata kau tak buat jahat dengan orang, U are WRONG! Cuba la kau teliti fakta dan kenyataan di sekeliling. Benar,bukan? You inflict pain on everyone yet you still call yourself a 'saint'? Clean from all malicious things? Memang mak kau tak ajar. Kau panggil orang di bawah kau BODOH? Sebenarnya, you're the fool all  this while. Karma tak kemana. Kau tunggu dan lihat. I think I can see your future crumble. The longer this thing that you call 'cleanliness' unfolds, the bigger your dilemma is. Cut the crap about being a balloon high up in the air thing. It won't be long...

P/s: I was just being general and kepada yang terasa,no offense kay. handle it yourself!  


Lyndz D.

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