January 19, 2010

My Wolf Pack

They might be new in my life but we sure do share a bonding that is beyond all things explainable to mankind. It's the type of bond that you have with your siblings..or a pack..yeah..like a pack of wolves to be exact. To the people that don't know them well, you might think they are ordinary.Truth is, indeed they are but books should never be judged by it's cover. This is especially for them. Who protected me and the rest of the pack. Kudos to you guys!



Amir ( Soulja)

Not forgetting ..Apit!!

Of course the old ones are not forgotten! There's plenty more to come but I just wanted to post this first . One thing's fa sho, they did make quite an impact in my life. All of it mattered the most right after RTW 2009. Thanks bros!!



nur said...

love your blog..way to go girl..may i know who else ur bez friend beside the name u alwayz mentions

Lyndz Dyscalculia said...

thanks..haha..why? who's this btw?