February 16, 2009

Random 2

I think I'm in my PMS cycle. I seem to be easily ticked off lately and it bothers me. I prefer being in a good mood but this irrelevant anger inside me just won't give up easily. Blame the hormones!

Today was like any other day. I was late to work though due to the inevitably slow traffic movements and my own bad timing. Work was alright but I wished that the contract rates from Philly & Indonesia would be pouring in cause that would've really really made my day. It wouldn't be a waste then sending them countless emails! I had my fair share of Double Cheese burger thanks to McD's latest marketing strategy for lunch with Kak Liza. She had her dose of Fillet - O- Fish though.Going home from work was even better! He came down to see me even if it was for a while. It was definitely worth it. I didn't mind waiting for him for a few minutes outisde the office. I was lucky that my 'big bro' was there to stand with me.

We went over to the pharmacy to buy my hair conditioner and my Garnier ( can't leave without em). It gave me a reason to just spend my time with him. God knows how it makes me feel inside. And he looked uber lush with that shirt that he wore. Oh,he really knows what I wanted to see ;)

So we walked from the pharmacy to the walkway along Jalan Bulan..walked past The Federal and took the shortcut to Imbi Plaza. The journey to the LRT station was filled with our constant talking and exchanged laughs as we always do. We talked a bit before I went inside the station and one guard just had to ruin the 2nd hug that he gave me. He even blew his whistle to startle us. Infidel! What's wrong with a hug? Others can just suck the life out of their lover's faces and out of all the people,why me? Why us? It was more of like a lighter deja vu of what happened 2 years ago in a shoe shop in Times Square. That incident was even more humiliating than what happened today. That bitter old brute was just a total KJ! Screw him with a drill!

Then again, no matter what happened..it was him that mattered the most. I'm glad I could give him the card that I meant to give 2 days ago and getting the reaction I wanted was precisely the cherry on top.

Anyways, it's midnight now and I really need my rest. Till next time.


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