November 7, 2008


"Dear God, thank you for the day that you have given me. And thank you for making me a better person."

I am a girl with a lot of things going through my mind. It is rarely empty for it is always full of thoughts that can sometimes lead to an OCD like symptom. It has been helluva week for me. Been clumsy and distracted too lately. Relationships rekindled and reviewed, self evaluations and family matters revised or revisited. Yeah, it has been that way lately. It is kinda like a soul searching process for me. *Haha* A never ending one!

Today was unlike any other day. It won't be the same as tomorrow but it is definitely different than the previous days and totally out of my daily routine. In conjunction with our soon to be opened lifestyle cafe, I spent half of my day in work with my other colleagues learning how to make the blended beverages & smoothies that will be up on sale by next week (tentative). It was quite cool to be able to make those beverages and getting to try what you whipped up was like the creme de la creme! Everyone got to equally taste each of our 'creations' and it was very cool. I feel sorry though for my supervisor cause she was down with a fever yet she had to join us for the half day traning/demo. * I wish u will get well soon*

Making those bevs aren't really that hard to do. All we need is more practise and creativity and cross our fingers that it would turn out nice every time we make them.

We we're done by 4.50pm and we were ready to leave and come back to the office. I honestly thought it would take us longer but turns out it wasn't as long as I thought it would be. Christine had to share a seat with me because I was the extra passenger. No biggie though. I was totally fine with it. My boss was just about to hit the accelerator when suddenly, the plastic bag with 2 smoothies in it slipped through my fingers and fell on the car floor! Er..some of it were on Chris' right leg. I was soooooo embarassed and at the same time scared. My supervisor was suppose to give that to a colleague but I messed it up (it wa sactually the smoothies that she made by herself during the demo). Chris quickly got off the car and my boss hurried to our side of the car to take off the car mat and clear away the spilt drink. DAMN!! I am such a dipshit!

I apologized to them for my irresponsible and clumsy action and well,even if they said it was alright, I still felt guilty. Anyways, when we arrived, we dropped my superv of and we went straight to the new place where I would be posted in together with 4 of my colleagues.It wasn't fully done but I can see the progress. The location is just a 3-5 minute walk from my current office by the way! I would still be doing what I usually do in the office but it's just that as an addition, I would also be whippin' up drinks and serving customers.

We walked back to the office and I did a bit of procrastinating apart from the routine I do before going home. Hah! It was almost 6pm anyways so I spent a few minutes teaching Chris' English words.

I got out of the office around 6.15 pm and well, waiting for the bus ain't much fun! I arrived home a few minutes before 8 and that was the end of the story. Hahaha..pretty ordinary day,you might say but for me,it feels good to learn something new each day.

Oh and I am happy to recieve a call from my Betch Down South & Ketam :) thx darlings for cheering me up. I haven't talked to them for ages especially my beyootch LOL. Heard the updates and her life and I'm glad she told me. "Babe, you know you are not judge through these eyes of mine.I accept you the way you are and DON'T you ever fucking think that you have turned into a different person because of the new chic habbits that you acquired. No matter what, Je ' taime!"

I wish he would give me a call though. I miss talking to him nightly. Eventhough we did talk this afternoon before I went for the demo but it's not enough. I miss you effin much sayang!

Oh well, I better be off for now. Gettin' more tired and sleepy by the minute. Bon nuit! ;)


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