November 19, 2008

I Hate


Who :

1. Break Promises
Yeah I told the people that are close to me about this a lot of times and they know I hate people who keep promises and end up breaking them. Yup,especially MEN! Promising things are quite scary ( does that mean i have a problem with commitment???).

2. (Are) Disrespectful to women
Call me a sexist or a feminist but this is a hard fact. Men nowadays treat women badly most of the time. As a test, try riding a full bus and stand up in front of a guy. Notice how he will ignore you even with your 3 inch heels on! I have nothing against equal rights but hey, what ever happened to the old 'damsel in distress' concept? Sure,now women are much more stronger and powerful than the ones from the past but hey, cut us some slack! We probably work more than you do! And oh, I'm not being traditional here. I'm just trying to reach out to guys out there to act more like a gentleman rather than a brute.

3. (Are) Abusive
Out of all the things that I hate, this is definitely in my top list! I can't stand it when a man is abusive to his other half (girlfriend/wife). May it be verbally or physically (especially physically). This thing really pisses me off. How could a man even dare to raise his hand to a woman?? That is fucking barbaric! One of my friends recently broke up with her beau of two years and it ended in a really bad way. They had a fight because he can't accept the fact that she's leaving him for another (who happens to be much better than him & definitely more understanding) and she ended up with bruises on her one arm and well,it was quite traumatic. She's a tough chic though so whenever he became violent , she'd fight back and damn,she hit him good! Serves him right. She totally made the right decision. How could she even bear with the guy for two years? He cheated on her twice when they were together! Glad to hear that he is out of the picture though . That fucking turd!
Verbal abuse is as bad but the effect is more can be long term . I mean, If you hit someone,all that person gets are bruises and it will eventually go away but if you hurt someone verbally, it might stay with that person for ages which can possibly lead to mental abuse. Err..

4. Untrue / Cheaters
I am aware that girls do this too but guys do it twice as much as the chics. If you do not wish to suffer equally or worse, then don't even think about doing it. Frankly speaking, guys can cheat girls for the lamest,stupidest reason but hey, that's how the cookie crumbles! Ladies, let's just face the fact that MEN will always be MEN. That will never change. Like it is somehow genetically implanted on their brains or something! *Sigh* LOL!

5. Takes advantage of women
Ok, if a girl gets friendly with a guy,it's better NOT to assume that she's into him. This is weird and I know how it feels. There's a difference between being friendly and giving the signs for something more than friendship. What I'm trying to say is, I hate it when guys harass girls cause they think the girl is okay with it. But I can't just put the blame on the guy cause sometimes, girls just give out the wrong signals. LOL..Oh well,that's life! I better stop before I end up saying something really unpleasant.

6. Has Too Much Ego
Everyone knows that this is true. Too much masochism and ego can destroy a man. imagine what it can do to a relationship.

I have things to say about girls too but for now this is all what my head asked me to do. It's not easy being a girl and there are things I hate about girls. Nevertheless, I love being a girl. Oh well, back to work.

P.S; This urge to smoke is killing me!! I don't want to cause I wanna quit for good but a part of me wants to. Nooooooooo I don't want to smoke. I'm gonna try and try to stop myself. It's for my own good anyways. And i know most men hate women who smoke!

Till next time.

ShaLyndz Ayano ( haha)