December 5, 2010

Seriously Speaking

I got nothing on my mind right now except that I want to do helluva lot of things! I'm quite excited for tomorrow and stuff but anxiety is killing me at the moment. FUK! Why? You don't have to know unless I wanted you to know. It's not that important anyways.. I'm just glad that I'm getting rid of the incompetent people in my life. As a Malaysian saying goes, "Buang yang keruh,ambil yang jernih". Yes. I'm doing that one by one. If you're not on my circle anymore,then you'd understand. If I don't holla atchu when, you'll understand. Seriously, I am sick of those type of people that only live to kill. No, I'm not talking about murderers. I'm talking about backstabbers,attention seekers, ass kissers ,snooty motherfuckrs and lame as as bitches who think they are too hot to handle. Puhlease! If you're my friend and your asking yourself "are we still friends?" , ask me that question and I'll tell you if it's a yes or a no. Feel free to ask. Seriously. But somehow, if you find yourself non existent in my Facebook,where you used to be, then you should get the clear picture that you are no longer welcome in my life. And that is due to either one or all of the reasons below: a) kau menyusahkan hidup aku b) kau menyusahkan hidup orang yang aku sayang c) kau menyusahkan hidup orang lain d) you think your way better than everyone else e) your a conniving skank who preys on emotional sympathy. Sorry if this seems to be quite straight to the point. I'm just tired of being pushed over. BTDubs, feel free to visit my tumblr @

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