March 27, 2010


I'm like a mindless zombie without you.. yeah I just realized that after denying and denying that fact.
When you're not around, I become disoriented. Almost static in my movements,thoughts....

It's already 1516hrs and I'm still in the office. I've just done my pending bookings and now I'm just waiting for Bie to finish up.
Working is definately not similar to studying. If you think working is easy, think again. You have commitments to attend to and even if it kills you,
you gotta do it. Once you show your boss a weak point, you will forever be damned unless you figured out a way of cleansing yourself from the image that your boss
has stigmatized you with.

If you think that the tourism industry is all play and less work? Think again (like NatGeo's tagline)!
We have to be up to marks with what each client wants. And yes, no matter how ridiculous it can get, we still have to try and work things out.
My lecturer used to say, "We make people's dream come true by giving them the best service for  their dream vacation!!" . It's damn true.
It's hard keeping up with it sometimes but like I said, we gotta bring it hunny!
So for all of you out there who thinks that being in this industry is a piece of cake, think twice. And no, it's not that I am discouraging you to even try this industry but what I'm trying to say is, whenever you travel around,think again of what went behind the scene before you traveled. Think about the hours and hours that a travel industry provider has spent time on making sure that you have a great time. So, in conclusion, you should thank the lil people that made your trip worthwhile.
It's a total comfort when we know that you appreciate the things we do.

Oh and yeah, same goes for the Hospitality line! They work as hard as we do too cause a complete vacation would be nothing without them.

Oh gosh..sumbat..better be going now. I'm hungry and lethargic.

Till then..


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El Moe de la Rocha said...

ohhh yeah, service provider, tell me about it.


two words to sum it all up: WORK SUCKS!