March 15, 2010

MPG 2010 - Glorious NIght

Saturday,Mar 13 2010;-

 I woke up at 7am only to find myself still boggled about where to go and what to do when in fact I knew what and where I'm heading. I packed my things and hurried to the bathroom. I knew my sis and I were gonna be late for work. It was already 7.20am and she was still tucked on her bed,dead asleep. I've tried waking her up but she just ignored me . Oh well...

At the office, things were quite slow yet one could feel the busy environment at the same time. A lot of things were popping in and out of my thoughts as I go about checking my confirmed arrival files , issuing payments and processing the new bookings. Amidst all of that,the thought of seeing my other half was the only thing that I was truly excited about. Nothing could keep me from watching the time pass slowly. I was always checking at the time and I even managed to ask our HR to check my clock in time for that day. Oh heck! I was just a minute late from the grace period but I had to cover up 1 extra hour. I received a text from my beau at around 1-ish telling me that he was on the way to BB. I got out of the office around 2pm and walked alone to Kitaro. After half an hour and a lot of chats , I got hungry and so I just had a burger.
A few nibbles later, I just passed what was left of the burger to my beau cuz I couldn't finish it. I just managed to take around a quarter out of that thing and the rest was history. Haha!

We were literally chasing time so we hurried back to K2 and the thought of entering the place with no hassle was like malignant & on my mind until some point where it just disappeared(which was actually the time when we arrived there) . We took the LRT from Dang Wangi to Setiawangsa and Acap picked us up from there. He looked funny and lacked of sleep. All thanks to the wall climbing eh,Acap? Haha.I was looking around the surrounding area until weirdly enough , I managed to take a few minutes of nap on the backseat while Acap & baybee were chatting every now and then.The moment I woke up,we already arrived and baybee asked me to go to Zaza's room. Remembering a number after waking up from a snooze was quite a challenge but I managed to find it within no time. I called  Zaza's name and entered her room and found her blood-red gown (which reminded  me  of my 18th bday gown-but it was pink),her roommate and her juniors grooming her up.It didn't take me long to get dressed though. I changed from my Love As Arson shirt to a woven cotton shirt dress from Forever 21 and just made a few touch ups and yes finally, we were ready to go. Tok & Kek were already waiting for us downstairs. We got outa the room and when we got down, Zaza kinda looked left and right before we hurried to the car. LOL. Inside, we talked and talked (even mentioned that if the food was bad,we'd go to Pizza Hut instead) until we got to our destination .

I began to feel quite nervous and I think Zaza was too but we were all good. In between registering and waiting for the others o arrive ( we received goody- bags with a t-shirt inside), we took quite a heck loads of pics from the dinner reception to the pool but it was mostly her with different people. I was more of the person behind the scenes . The girls really looked gorgeous with the gowns and dresses. Though I felt quite under-dressed, I was glad that I wore that cause at least I didn't have to worry about anything falling off or just being plain "rimas" . FYI, I don't really fancy wearing gowns or evening wear so I usually opt for the semi formal type (wink wink). Zaza also introduced me to a few of her friends which included Wani,Shafiq & Raju. After the photo sessions, we went in to the hall and waited for the others to arrive. We took a bunch of pics again and around ten or fifteen minutes later,baybee,Acap and Meri (preferably pronounced in the French accent) came. They were accompanied by Nadia & Aza. Their entrance was more memorable than the VIP's since it seemed like one of those walks you see in a Korean/Japanese movie or series.The front liner was none other than Mr.Yakuza himself with Nadia by his side (looking all princess like :) ) . I wanted to laugh when I saw them enter but I just grinned and enjoyed the 20 seconds walk of fame. LOL.But at the same time I was amazed by how stunning they all looked especially my baybee. He was the first person I noticed and followed by Acap (Yakuza yeah?!) and Nadia. Baybee looked really stunning in that black shirt.
Moments later, the event started. It opened up with a video montage on the event and it was followed by the grand entry of the VIPs and a Silat performance. Luke rocked doing all those moves. Next in line (in no particular order) was the long winded opening speeches (we were all counting on hearing "akhir kata..blablabla..sekian" part) and the other performances which was done during dinner.The food was alright by the way! I think it's safe for me to say that the person who had the most rice on his plate was Acap. He was really starving! After dinner was served, along came the good/funny parts. First off,after the countless search for the next victim to "interrogate" the MC spotted Zaza and she was asked to sing. We were all cheering for her as she sang the first two lines from Miley Cyrus' The Climb. Although it was quite nerve wrecking to be called in front of a crowd but she managed to pull it through like a pro! Kudos to you ,Zaza!! Next, after numerous draws ,Acap & Kek won from the first few rounds of the raffle draw. We found out later that night when Acap opened the gift that it was a towel packed in a chocolate box. LOL. I was the last person from our table to win and it was the biggest (and the most obvious).It was funny though since I was quite unaware that the MC was actually calling my number. All I remember was the part where I  raised my hand,went to the stage (nervous as shit- idk why) and just going down after claiming my prize,with a big and wide grin all the way. The event ended around fifteen minutes later and it was photo sessions again. Haha!! Not long after, we joined Acap & sent Meri,Nadia & Aza back to the hostels.

All in all ,it was the one memorable night and I'm glad I was part of it. Although the event was not as crazy but it was our table that made it unforegettable. No doubt,son!!
And apart from that, that night will always be in our list.
Pics from the event!!!

*The Bag I won*

*The Shirt*

  *L-R : Baybee,moi,Zaza,Meri & Acap*
  *Baybee & moi*


More pics are available in my FB. Till then,TTYL!!



AzzreenKassim said...

oh man. so fun!
and you are so lucky juga!
hahaha i demand for more pictures!
more pictures!
more pictures!
more pictures!
hahaha. i am so glad you had a blast :D

Lyndz Dyscalculia said...

hehehe tu la..u missed out all the fun! thanks though babe :) i sure did!!