September 23, 2008

Chapter One : Karlinzky


If only u know how much you mean to me. Pertemuan kita bukan satu kebetulan tapi takdir and I would like to think of it that way for as long as i live. I know people think that it's has been like a bullet train ride but I don't care about what they say. People may tell me to find someone who is taller,richer or financially stable but I don't give a fuck. I have you and I thank GOD for sending you into my life. Things have been better since I met you and eventhough it has been just a month, we have been through quite a lot together and I wouldn't mind going through good and bad times with you. I couldn't be more relieved that it was you who was always by my side. You met me on a time where I was on the verge of losing the ground that I stood in but you managed to save me from the quicksand of reality. U kept me stable when I was not and you kept me sane enough to be what I am. Most of all, you gave me back my self respect and I thank you for that.

Who could ever forget those moments? I still remember that rainy day you came to see me just to have lunch with me and you were soaking wet from the heavy rain. I saw you standing in one corner,shivering from the cold wind and waiting patiently for me.
How bout the time when you surprised me later that evening on the bus stop? And you kept telling me that you're not a romantic!

Most of the time it scares me that this is all too soon or too fast and it would end up the same way but like you always tell me when I'm down, " I'm by yourside no matter what". I pray hard everyday that this won't end up like my previous relationships but it's too soon to tell. I am very affraid of losing you and I'm affraid of losing my way. Always guide me so that i'll always be on the path that leads to where we want it to be.

I'm sorry if there are times when u felt or you would feel that I'm emotionally unavailable.I'm sorry for making you worry alot. I'm sorry if I have hurt you in any possible way.

I don't know how else I can put these words together cause I'm not much of a writer. I just want you to know that I love you and I cherish you.

Happy Monthsarry :)


Your One & Only.

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