March 30, 2008

Any Given Sunday

Today..was like any other Sunday -attended the 11.30 mass then had lunch. Instead of the usual lunch at our usual place, we just had chicken ricefor lunch in some restaurant just nearby the church. After lunch, I thought we were going home but we went to MidValley Megamall instead. Got myself a big wafer cone full of chocolate chip ice-cream from Gellatisimo which is btw,my all time favorite flavor (yay!!) thanx to daddy :D

After countless walking around the mall, Trix and I stopped by the toilet. Took me a while to find it cuz I havent been to that place since last year (lmao). While I was waiting for her in front of the sink..some other teenage chics were like a few metres away from me,talking about God knows what in front of the mirror,checking themselves out and it came across ma head that they prolly went there with some guys and yes i was right. Well, on the way out of the toilet, this chic looked at me in an infuriating manner and with the " I look way better than you" look on her face. I wasn't looking at her that time but i saw the whole thing in the mirror. "Whose dumb now, biatch??" I seriosly hate it when girls think that they are complete hot stuffs.. puhleaaasee! We're all the same! We would all still stink and rot when we die! So why look down on other people who you think might not be as well dressed as you? Damn.. Unless a fashion-crime has been done but it still doesn't give you the access to look down on someone.
It's weird though that some girls, go to gigs just to get noticed with what they have on instead of enjoying good fun music. hohohooo.....narcissism really rules the world nowadays..

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